West Sound Flute Studio

The West Sound Flute Studio is open to musicians of all ages and ability levels, building the foundations of a musically-enriched life and refining your tone and technique so you play your best!

Group and private lessons are available.

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Sorcha holding a piccolo and flute
Sorcha Barr-Deneen is the primary teacher of West Sound Flute Studio.

My teaching revolves around the beauty that we can create with music; ultimately, this is art! I especially focus on beautiful tone and musicality, with attention given to mindfulness and concentration. Each lesson includes technical work and precision, as well as more exciting musical work – I cater to your goals, needs and preferences!

I have experience teaching beginners through college students and my students have placed well in regional and state-wide competitions and auditions, going on to study flute performance in well-respected universities.

I believe that learning music should be fun! No matter your ability level, musical goals, or age, I will work to make sure you are happy and enjoying the process of learning music – we are more motivated to work when we are passionate about the subject. Music is hard work, so bringing happiness is always helpful.

If learning Disney songs, movie soundtracks, or duets motivate you, we’ll add them to our repertoire!

Practicing is only useful if you’re focused. Depending on the length of your lesson, goals, and ability level, you will be instructed to practice for a certain length of time. This time is a rough estimate. I will teach you how to structure your practice time to meet your weekly goals and assignments and help you become self-motivated and precise. Accuracy and repetition are ultimately more important than time spent!

Tone is the foundation of the flute. Your tone is your musical voice, and it takes work to be refined and beautiful. Every practice session should include tone work.

Rhythm and note accuracy go hand-in-hand. The right note played at the wrong time is the wrong note!

Locations & Schedule


Silverdale Ridge Complex

Monday & Thursday

Bainbridge Island

Island Music Guild

Tuesday & Wednesday


Monday & Thursday


30-min | $35

45-min | $50

60-min | $65

Group Classes

$25 per student

3-student minimum

Lesson fees will increase on September 1, 2024.

Schedule today by calling/texting

(720) 258-6499 or emailing 


Trial lessons are discounted and available for private lessons.